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Escape From Wonderland Lost & Found

Posted: November 1st, 2011

Did you lose any personal items at Escape From Wonderland?  
You still have a chance to retrieve your item! 

Lost ID or Credit Card: Please email with your full legal name, DOB, address on your ID, credit card number, type of card, or any other information that would help us identify your ID or card. 

All other items that were turned in to lost and found during Escape From Wonderland are pictured below. If you see something that matches your lost item, please email us at with the number of the item in the photo and follow the instructions below.  We care about your belongings and would like to return them to you! 

We will be holding all lost belongings until FRIDAY November 4, 2011, so please reach out to us by that date. All unclaimed items will be donated to charity or discarded where applicable.

Please email all lost and found inquiries to


Lost Keys: 
Please email us with a description of key chains, lanyards, and items, which are attached to your keys. If you lost car keys, please include the specific make/model/year of the car that the key is for.

Lost Cell Phone:
Please email us with the type of phone and your provider, the number of your lost phone, notable scratches, marks your phone should have, and the name (and number if possible) of the last call you made with the phone, describe photos taken on your phone, your wall paper, etc. If your phone might be locked, please give us instructions on how to unlock your phone as well so we can verify the information you provide. 

Lost Wallet:
Please emails us with a detailed description of the wallet along with its contents – if you had your ID in your wallet, please provide your full name, address on the ID, DOB, and any other information to identify that it is yours. 

Lost Camera: 
Please email us with the type of camera, any notable scratches, marks it may have and please describe some photos on the camera that are not from Escape From Wonderland. 

Other Items: 
Please email us with any applicable brands, notable scratches, marks that your item might have. If you lost a bag, please provide a detailed description of the contents. 

Please be as detailed as possible with your descriptions – the more information we have, the more we will be able to specify that the item is yours. 

Good luck!